Exec Coaching

Tim is able to provide a wealth of knowledge from twenty-five years of BPO, Shared Services, M&A and restructuring leadership.

His experience in working in USA, India, Thailand, Europe, UK, South Africa and Australia provides a wealth of insights that will add richness and a fresh external perspective to your work.

In regard to shared services and BPO, Tim is able to compare and contrast service delivery models, capabilities of different delivery centre locations and cultures, the realities of knowledge transfer leadership, deep perspectives in terms of business partnership, pricing, transition execution and effective operational delivery.

Additionally Tim has developed and presented business case proposals, project plans, change management frameworks and stakeholder management strategies, usually in the context of some of the most aggressive and demanding time-lines, SG&A pressures and IRR thresholds of some of the most well known industrial companies in the world.

Retaining Tim on a mentoring and coaching basis could provide that additional input that may make the difference to the success of your program. As one client said …

“Those few minutes on the phone gave me fresh insights and has changed our staffing strategy, delivery centre location plans and the approach to our program  … profound thanks it made all the difference …” 

To discuss a mentoring or coaching arrangement, or a one-off assignment in relation to a particular project, investigation, presentation or proposal, please contact Tim directly on +61 408 628851 or via the email on our contacts page.