At the heart of Shared.Advisor is a desire to make things better, to drive change for good, to see transformation and ultimately authentic and meaningful outcomes for shareholders, communities and individuals whether clients, employees or citizens. To achieve this a “start with the end in mind” approach is applied, with a strong values driven focus.

Tim, as director and leader of Shared.Advisor has a particular passion for ethical leadership, for justice, for sustainable life changing investment and the development of strategy that draws on an appreciation of ethos or credibility, pathos or logic and logos our values and creativity. Our view is that all three in combination are essential to any initiative.

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This transformational approach is now being applied to a long term portfolio of assignments which include the establishment of a new charity focused on educational inclusion. Tim as our Managing Director also serves on a number of boards, has recently completed a strategic review for a radio station and is engaged in continued learning and development at The University of The Sunshine Coast.

Tim and his network offers an unusual combination of rigorous financial competency, detailed project planning and drive, strategic capability, organisational savvy and creativity. Tim retains a strong interest in broadcast media, currently serving on the board of a radio station leveraging his experience in working with the BBC in the UK. Tim is also able to engage across cultures and generations through photography, media production and continued volunteer work in developing young leaders.